Grant Guidelines

PAINTS (Promote Art in the Schools, Inc.) awards grants to individuals, schools and other organizations promoting the arts and art education within Piedmont, California. To apply for a grant, please read these grant guidelines before completing the on-line application. If you have any questions, please contact Shari Fujii, PAINTS Grants Director.

Please note that all grants are due Friday October ??, 2019 by 5pm to be considered.

The PAF grant program supports the belief that the arts teach a common core of knowledge that helps students appreciate and understand human history and cultures, develop higher order thinking skills, express their own creativity and develop a life-long appreciation of the arts. PAINTS hopes that providing grant money will encourage educators to integrate art into all their curriculum and activities. PAF awards three different types of grants: Program grants; Project grants, and Professional Development grants.


The purpose of the Program Grant is to support art education programs within the Piedmont Unified School District (PUSD). PAF awards program grants to each of the Piedmont schools, based on the number of students enrolled and engaged in art education. Recipients of PAF Program Grants include the Art, Library and Lunch Art programs at the elementary schools; the Art, Film and Makers programs at the Middle School, and the Art Department programs at the High School.


Project Grants are awarded for unique projects that are not covered by funds from the school budget or from PAINTS Program Grants. Special equipment and/or supplies as well as additional instruction time is funded in this category. Examples of Project grants include hiring guest instructors for special classroom activities; purchasing a new kiln, and creating large ceramic tile mosaic installations using student input. To support Arts Integration, elementary classroom teachers have also received grants for special activities like making Mission tiles; book binding; Ukrainian egg dying, Poetry and Decoupage, basket weaving and Chinese brush painting.


PAF awards Professional Development grants to teachers, administrators and art specialists who seek instruction in any art form and/or who want to integrate the arts into their curriculum.  Among other things, PAF has provided funding for the Art for Educators workshops offered by MOCHA;  the California Arts Education Conference;  the Arts Integration Credential program; dance classes at LUNA for elementary school physical education teachers; ceramics classes at Leslie Ceramics for the high school ceramics teacher, and Collaboration Conferences for the elementary art specialists.

Grant application deadline: October ??, 2019 by 5pm.